Welcome to the Forward Search Administration Client Demo.

  • Normally, you would not see this page, but immediately land one of the Administration Client pages. But in the demo site, we have included this page to offer some extra introduction and instructions for you. Please finde them below.

  • What is different

    The Administration Client here on the demo site generally works just like the "real" administration client, but you cannot actually change any parameters on this demo site, and you cannot start any indexing.

  • Roles

    We have included 3 roles in this installation of the Administration Client. With the "real" administration client, you can define as many roles as you like, and configure the client in many ways, to offer just the right set of controls for each user group. This also includes optional localization for different languages; default language is English.

    The roles we have included in this demo are "Web editor", "Search admin" and "Solution developer". The default mode is "Web editor" - and you don't need to log in to access the client with that role. The roles and their login information are described below.

    • Role
    • Search admin
      admin / 12345
      You have access to all indexes, and can alter all the index and source settings. You cannot delete indexes or sources, alter custom fields, or edit the Geo Search setup.
    • Web editor
      editor / 12345
      You only have access to three indexes, you cannot change the sources or index settings or change the schedules. You cannot start a reindexing, nor change any custom field settings.
    • Solution developer
      dev / 12345
      All controls and indexes are available.
  • Register, please!

    We really want to get to know you a bit. If you have gotten this far on the demo site, please take 2 minutes to register who you are. We are NOT going to send you any newsletters or annoying emails.

    We will send you a confirmation email right away, and by clicking that link, you return here, but this time and in the future, the links above will take you directly to the administration client.

    Thank you for your trouble.

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