NB: Only for potential and existing partners!


So you want to start using Forward Search right away? Okay. Follow these simple steps (You can always refine and augment the setup later):

  1. Request a login to the Partner Portal and a trial-license from hb@ForwardSerach.dk if you don't already have one.
  2. Download, umblock, unzip (to '\forwardsearch' in the root of the Demo Site install) and install (run 'ServiceInstall.cmd') the Index-server.
  3. Copy your license file (renamed to 'lic.xml') to the 'Forward.indexserver\Data' and 'website\SampleSite\Data\' folders.
  4. Browse to the administration client within the Demo Site (click here: '\admin\indexmanager.aspx')
  5. Select the source called 'SampleSite' - on ther top right side of the list. Click the 'Edit' pencil icon.
  6. In the dialog window, click the green 'plus'. Then provide a new index-name, source-name and a website url of your own choice. Then click 'Save and close'
  7. Notice that a new source has appeared. Click the green 'plus' in the index-column to the left of it.
  8. In the edit window, just click 'Save and close'
  9. Now click the 'wheel' to start creating your first very own index!

The new index should, providing nothing failed during the indexprocess, be accessible as soon as all pages were crawled and inserted into the index. By selecting the "Custom search" page, you can choose the newly created index, since it will appear on the list of choice indexes.